Wuhan, PRC
Client: Kunming Municipal Government
Size: 600 hectares
Completion: 2016
One of the world’s largest computer hardware manufacturers and software development firms is constructing the world’s only Artificial Intelligence Campus and the landscape architect was contracted to provide master planning services.  Envisioned as a lakefront campus set in a park, the master plan was developed as a wholly sustainable mixed-use environment with over 1 million square metres of real estate on 600 +/- hectares of parkland.  The primary organizing element of the master plan is water, with wetland creation, a restored shoreline and a surface run-off LID-based storm water management plan at its core.  Over 2,000 linear meters of shoreline was added to the lake via boardwalk and engineered shore improvements.  Passive and recreational park program elements include active sports, a marina, public pool, pier, civic plazas, mid-rise housing, educational facilities, commercial facilities, urban forest, urban agricultural zone, performance space, open parkland, and an internal road system located subgrade to allow for complete pedestrian access to the entire campus. Above grade parking is not provided, except for emergency purposes. As a private facility, the campus will be built and maintained by private interests, but the entire campus will be open to the public as a major civic waterfront park.

Completed by Jeffrey Craft while working previously at SWA