Kunming, PRC
Client: Confidential
Size: 600 hectares
Completion: 2014
Dian Chi Galaxy Lakefront Park is envisioned as a premier public park and major tourist destination in Yunnan Province, China.  A 6km stretch of prime lakefront had deteriorated to the point of ecological collapse with an abandonment of all natural and man-made infrastructure. As part of an urban redevelopment effort the landscape architect was engaged to provide an overall master plan for 600ha of publicly accessible land and over 5kms of waterfront.  At the completion of the comprehensive master plan the landscape architect prepared Phase 1 Construction Documents for 2kms of waterfront promenade, parkland, the sports centre, and the mixed-use component.  Designed as a public park to be managed and maintained by a private entity, the Phase 1 component is focused on water quality issues, wetland restoration, water access, and active recreation.  Tournament level field play is supported by a 20ha sports complex, designed on-structure, and with a mix of natural and artificial turf fields.  Elements include, tennis, soccer, and basketball, with a potential conversion of open field space to baseball or softball.  Once completed, Dian Chi Galaxy Lakefront Park has the potential to accommodate over 100,000 people at any given time, with a circulation system centered on biking, walking, boating and a public E-vehicle system.  All storm water on site will be captured and treated before release into the lake, with wetlands and meadows acting as natural storm water treatment facilities.

Completed by Jeffrey Craft while working previously at SWA