Toronto, ON
Client: Parc Downsview Park Inc.
Size: 0.61 hectares
Completion: 2020

Downsview Park has long been a highly popular civic space in Toronto.  The addition of an off-leash dog park ensures that there is space for both humans and pets alike.  It is estimated that with each new high-rise there are approximately 4-8 pets that occupy each floor. As pet population increases, the 1.5 acre Downsview Off-Leash Dog Park offers a high-quality environment where both humans and animals are able to socialize and interact. STUDIO tla’s design thoughtfully considers the need for dynamic spaces to keep dogs active and interested, while offering their owners passive areas for relaxation. The fully accessibly fenced area is just over one acre and includes a separate space for small dogs.  The addition of over 35 new trees, native wildflower plantings, and bioswales ensure that the off-leash area and is consistent with the high standards set for the remainder of the park.


The mounded area to the East provides playful obstacles to keep pets stimulated while a more natural, planted space can be found on the western edge. A seating area and multiple passive nodes throughout the park ensures that owners are as thoughtfully considered as their pets.