Clarksburg, MD, USA
Client: Simon Properties
Size: 84 acres
Completion: 2016
Located in Clarksburg, Maryland, this innovative mall was designed on two levels by Architects Orange to take advantage of the site topography. The change of grade on the property allowed for the establishment of large amenity courts with informal seating areas, sculptural elements and extensive planting. Conceived with a modern aesthetic, the central court for the mall is anchored by a large terraced fountain. The featured paving treatment helps define the various uses on either side of the court. The landscape components include fireplaces, smaller water features, outdoor seating for the food court and entrance signage. This site meets LEED standards and special attention was given to the water management within the mall. Bioswales were placed within the promenades and all materials were designed to be sustainable. The parking lots also received attention, having large bioswales and extensive pathways that convey visitors from their cars to the entry courts. Bike routes around the site were provided to help ensure that this mall becomes a true community asset.