Wuxi, PRC
Client: Intercontinental Hotel Group
Size: 0.125 hectares
Completion: 2016
The International Hotel Group’s newest brand for mainland China is the Hua Luxe chain of luxury hotels catering specifically to the Chinese domestic luxury business traveler market.  Their flagship hotel which opened in 2017 is in Wuxi, a city located between Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai, and has been designed in a high Chinese modern style with classic references interpreted in modern ways.  All on structure, a central courtyard has been designed to ancient Chinese landscape principles but using modern materials to achieve the same balance and harmony. A moon gate of solid acrylic leads the visitor across a lake of polished black granite that is punctuated by islands of ancient taihu stones.  A traditional screen has been designed to be constructed out of sheets of acrylic with etched patterns of Chinese water colour scenes depicting the water culture of the region. Traditional plantings follow the essential orders of rhythm and balance, with feng shui principles applied as the ultimate guide to the location of furnishings and materiality of the garden.

Completed by Jeffrey Craft while working previously at SWA