Toronto, ON
Client: Capital Developments
Size: 0.25 acres
Completion: Fall 2023
STUDIO tla provided full landscape architecture services for Azura, a luxury mid-rise development in North York. A major component of the in-fill development project includes the design of a POPS and a significant public park space: Holmes Park. Designing a space meant to grow with the surrounding community presented a unique and evolving design challenge, which our team embraced with the introduction of adaptable play features that can be developed further as the space grows. This includes multi-age play areas, flexible and safe meeting spaces, and a custom-fabricated shade structure that not only spawned multi-seasonal interest, but also a new public art installation.
Through in-depth shade analysis that charted and analyzed sun patterns, we designed the shade structure to create a moving texture of shadows and light on the paved canvas below. A geo-foam play berm with embedded play features introduces an engaging and challenging area for play and exercise, which represents a pioneering element in a City of Toronto park. Through multiple public engagement meetings using various mediums, the needs of the community were analyzed and synthesized into the design.