Toronto, ON
Client: Emery Village BIA
Size: 7 acres
Completion: On-going
The Unity Walk project is part of a larger project to support the Emery BIA Master Plan in its efforts to renew and revitalize the Emery community and surrounding region.  All elements of the project will reflect and commemorate 11,000 years of Indigenous history from 9000 BCE to 2000 CE through the lens of landscape art.  It will honour those who “patted down the grass” for later generations, including peoples of Mississauga, Huron-Wendat and Six Nations descent.
The project, in an empowering and educational way, will be an exploration of outdoor nature and the deep connection of Indigenous people to their surroundings, addressing moments of change and how transitions through millennia were navigated.
The sculptures to be incorporated into the themed landscape will celebrate the life of the Mississauga, Huron-Wendat and Six Nations. They will feature various activities of daily life including pottery, hunting, spear fishing, planting, harvesting, and gathering, as well as artistic representations of clan mother, and child.

2022 State ASLA Merit Award