Shanghai, PRC
Client: Confidential
Size: 600 acres
Completion: 2015
The master plan for the New Gu City in the Baoshan district of Shanghai is a comprehensive design and planning study for 600+ hectares of new residential, commercial, office, civic and public open space to house approximately 150,000 residents.  Organized around a series of canals, waterways and connective linear parks, the master plan defines architectural standards, building massing and density, as well as patterns for pedestrian and vehicular movement.  Wetland and naturalized landscapes rather than manicured park spaces are proposed along with the preservation of ancient village clusters that are to be preserved as functioning collective farms and specialty service areas. Of special note is the introduction of web-based apps that connect residents and users of the public spaces in real-time to the amenities provided to assist the municipality in determining phasing based on use.

Completed by Jeffrey Craft while working previously at SWA