Pickering, ON
Client: Chestnut Hill
Size: 3 hectares
Completion: In Progress
Universal City is a new high-rise community located in Pickering, Ontario. Situated next to Highway 401 and the GO rail transit station, this large development will provide a new option for homebuyers living outside of Toronto’s core.  The development consists of 6 large condominiums on private and public streets. Defined by a private central axis roadway, the community is designed to reflect a pedestrian experience with facades including commercial usage close to the road. The axial road terminates into a large public urban square that will act as the hub for the new community. Throughout the design, extensive tree planting and feature paving treatments have been incorporated into the design to provide a sophisticated urban feel.
As an environmentally sustainable community, attention has been given to designing the street and open space areas to accommodate run-off and channel the water into planting zones. At the west side of the site, a new viable green corridor will provide an opportunity for new extensive planting and act as a visual as well as recreational benefit for the community. The new creek system will be designed to assist in managing the stormwater issues for the new development. As part of an inclusive design process, Universal City has established itself at the forefront of new community building in Southern Ontario.