Toronto, ON
Client: Therme Canada
Size: 16 hectares
Completion: In Progress

Therme Canada | Ontario Place will feature a new park - nearly 16 acres in size - a public beach, a wetland, programming spaces, and relaxing places to take in new views of Lake Ontario and Toronto. The new public park will give people free, uninterrupted access to the waterfront, and boost access to Ontario Place year-round.

We’re collaborating with Therme Group, Diamond Schmitt Architects and Baird & Associates to produce an all-season design for the public realm at Therme Canada | Ontario Place on the West Island based on four principles: Accessibility, Sustainability, Resiliency and Respecting Heritage.

The entire Therme Canada | Ontario Place site will be fully accessible so that everyone can enjoy it. There will be universal and accessible washrooms at three different points around the park, and paths will be made wide enough for emergency vehicles. Therme Canada | Ontario Place will be built to the highest environmental standards – LEED Platinum and the Toronto Green Standard. The new public park will use permeable surfaces for trails and natural building materials where possible and feature native trees and plants.

The proposed design will reinforce the shoreline to protect from flooding and erosion, create new aquatic habitats, and give visitors access to the water’s edge. The new West Island public realm has been designed with the First Nation treaty holders of this land, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (MCFN), and also incorporates feedback from public meetings, community engagement and City of Toronto planning staff.

The design respects the heritage values of the original Ontario Place design, while bringing back the plants and trees native to this area of Ontario.