Mississauga, ON
Client: City of Mississauga
Size: 0.5 hectares
Completion: In Progress
Elm + Kariya Park in Mississauga has been designed as an urban civic space, primarily serving passive uses with amenities that facilitate small group gatherings.  The space is primarily hardscaped as it is more plaza-like than traditional park, but maintains a parkland appearance.

The core of the design is an urban lounge area with seating in varying configurations to suit user needs. Set beneath a shade structure that allows for filtered light and protection from the elements, it forms a central node that is surrounded by other programmed uses. Accessed by a primary park entrance at the intersection, smaller nodal entries provide a highly permeable perimeter to allow for passive surveillance with an enhanced streetscape on all sides.  Custom modular benches with matching seat walls provide opportunities for relaxation and help define pedestrian movement.  The play elements proposed are highly sculptural in nature and whimsical in appearance while providing meaningful play opportunities.  A berm of artificial turf supports a tumble of smooth logs that is challenging to climb, but sculptural in execution.  Oversized seesaws encourage play for adults and children, while a two-way strolling path encircles the core allowing people of all ages to exercise and interact in a safe as well as controlled manner.  A fenced and gated off leash dog parkette is proposed to the south, connected to the park but separated by the private road.  Canopy trees encircle the park, and smaller ornamental trees accent seating areas.  Grasses and specialized species will be used in the bioswale which will filter surface run-off.  No turf is proposed to minimize maintenance and to reduce the consumptive nature of the landscape.  Cherry trees will dot the park in clusters as a cue to Kariya Park to the north. There is also a designated area for public art.