Mississauga, ON
Client: 30 Eglinton Limited Partnership
Size: Urban Infill
Completion: In Progress

30 Eglinton Avenue West is a proposed mixed-use development that consists of three high rise residential towers, a nine-storey office building and a two-storey heritage structure. The existing office and heritage buildings will be conserved on the site.

The first residential building is 45 storeys in height with ground floor retail, the second building is 45 storeys with only residential uses and the third building is 37 storeys with ground floor retail. Each residential tower will have its own entrance and lobby with podiums for each to minimize shadow and wind impacts on their surroundings.

Amenity space will be provided within each of the buildings and in shared outdoor spaces near the existing office building and above the new surface parking area. The site also proposes a large privately owned public space (POPS) at the southwest intersection of Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue West that will be accessible to future residents and the wider community.

The site will be accessed from Eglinton Avenue West and Hurontario Street via three private condominium roads that provide access to parking and loading areas as well as circulation within the site. Access to underground parking is available via the surface parking area and to the west of Building 2.

The proposed residential development has a total gross floor area of 105,208 m2 (Buildings 1, 2, and 3) and the proposed new retail has a total gross floor area of 1,979 m2.