Toronto, ON
Client: City of Richmond Hill
Size: 38,675 square meters
Completion: On-going
German Mills Creek is the spine of Harding-Lennox Park, establishing a crucial connective conduit to the Don Valley Watershed.
Drawing upon this natural spine that weaves across the land, linking the two parks, the proposed suite of elements, programs and placemaking components will restore, enhance, and educate the visitors about the natural environment on an emotional and personal level.
A bridge over the German Mills Creek provides a point of connectivity while enhancing the sensorial experience. Canopies along the entry plazas at both parks will draw upon colours inspired by the unique natural communities of the site, including the pollinator meadow, birdhouses, insect posts, bird/butterfly posts and didactic signage. Rich play and sporting programmed spaces activate both parks. Harding Park benefits from a class A baseball field, community garden and gathering areas, Lennox Park includes a colourful and dynamic playground and multipurpose court.