Community Engagement Informs Croatia Park Design

Croatia Park

Projects // April 17, 2024

The design of a new, 38,500 sq. ft. park in Toronto’s Bloor & Dufferin neighbourhood is set to enter its second phase of community engagement. On April 23, an in-person design workshop is scheduled for Croatia Park that encourages community feedback and ideas that will inform the design of the public park.

In collaboration with a project team that includes the City of Toronto, developers Hazelview and Fitzrovia and engagement specialist StrategyCorp, our team is helping to facilitate the workshop for the design of the park, which is being delivered as part of the Bloor & Dufferin mixed-use community under development.

This workshop builds upon outreach during phase one of the engagement process that also involved the local community, as well as a Community Advisory Committee and Indigenous Advisory Circle, that developed a preliminary vision and guiding of the park design.

After a third phase of community engagement–slated for Fall 2024–the project will advance to detailed design, with final construction of the park targeted for Winter 2026.

This iterative design process ensures feedback from members of the community is incorporated in the design as it evolves, while social media promotion, in-person and virtual workshops, and public presentations throughout design provide transparency to the community.

Stay tuned for more updates as the design for Croatia Park continues to evolve. Learn more about the project and the upcoming design workshop on the City of Toronto's webiste by selecting the link below.