Toronto Centre Island Water Play Park

Toronto, ON

Located at one of Toronto’s most vibrant and exciting attractions, Centre Island, our design strives to capture and express the island’s unique locale and history.  Natural elements for water play, ample boardwalks and seating, and the creation of innovative landforms are combined to create a water play park that is perfectly sited and fun.  Children are welcomed into the park by a riverbed of pebbles and bubbling boulders which direct the action toward the center of the park.  At the center of the water play, gentle berms rise from the ground and provide both a vantage point and the height necessary from which to slide down into the center of the action on Giant Cast-in-place Water Slides.  Misting Poles, in the guise of Poplar Trees, sprout from these landforms adding to excitement and animation of the water.  Team playing and interaction is fostered within the park at a Sand Play Zone complete with water pumps. Throughout the central water play area sequential jets composed of ground, wall, and side jets, as well as spray rings, add another layer of playfulness and water play.  The entire design is reinforced at its periphery by a serpentine boardwalk bordered by a strong planting of native gardens; both of which recollect the memory of the Toronto Islands as a sunny destination for recreation and fun.