Raycom Campus Master Plan

Wuhan, PRC

The urban design master plan is the primary tool for the development of Asia’s first IT campus solely committed to the development of artificial intelligence. To be developed in partnership with silicon valley entities, the Raycom Campus is envisioned as self-contained community dedicated to fostering research into new technologies from a single campus that will communicate with partners around the world. As a self-contained environment the master plan dictates land uses, densities, building form and style, transportation systems, environmental systems, as well as the necessary infrastructure including parks, open space, and utilities. The community includes residential, academic, civic, medical, retail, office and commercial uses, but is completely organized around a pedestrian and open space network of parks and wetland restoration areas. Completely sustainable in nature, the whole campus is designed to function as a connected system for clean water and clean air technologies. Vehicles have limited to no access to surface streets and pedestrians have complete access to roads, paths, and lake promenades.

Completed by Jeffrey Craft while at SWA.