Kunming Jing Rong Central Park

Kunming, PRC

The retail and mixed use development giant Wanda, in partnership with the local city government of Kunming, planned to redevelop an existing urban environment to create a new CBD. At its core is to be a central park that is to act as a focus for the district, but also a connector via linear open spaces, to the adjacent urban areas. A significant requirement of the city was a 60 meter tall fountain to be anchored along a central axis. The requirement for commercial and retail space within the park was mitigated by tucking it beneath a massive cantilevered land mass making it appear from the towers above and three sides of the park as if there was no architecture visible. A series of skywalks connect different elevations and cross the streets that bisect the park allowing park users to move freely within the park without having to cross a busy intersection.

Completed by Jeffrey Craft while at SWA.