Emery Village BIA

Toronto, ON

TABIA Streetscape Award

STUDIO tla was retained by the City of Toronto to provide master planning and landscape design services for the Emery Village Business Improvement Area. One of our first tasks was to create a Capital Works Master Plan to provide an implementation framework for streetscape improvements over a 15-year time frame.

The Master Plan illustrates the vision selected the BIA, and sets out a framework for implementing it. Background research into the history of the 1,500 sq. km site, the largest BIA in Canada, as well as the site conditions, land use layout, and potential transportation/transit linkages provided a basis to identify locations for gateways, amenity areas, enhanced intersections, a historic zone, streetscape improvements, focal points and linkages. Image-building components such as types, sizes and preliminary design of identity signs, banner pole locations, median improvements, parking lay-bys, specialty features such as the “maple leaf” at Sheppard and Wilson were also illustrated.

The Master Plan was rounded off by a detailed cost estimate and implementation schedule, based on the BIA’s annual construction budget, supplemented by the cost-sharing provided by the City.