Destination Retail

Various Locations

STUDIO tla continues to work closely on several destination retail environments in Toronto, Montreal, Clarksburg, MD, and Gloucester, NJ.  Our clients include some of the largest shopping center developers in the world with exciting projects located throughout North America and Asia.

Working with an international team, STUDIO tla has been tasked with designing outstanding landscapes that respond to the architectural theme of the shopping centers and reflect the context in which they are located. Detailed design includes fountains, large fireplaces as well as seating and gathering zones throughout the development.  In many of the newer malls, an extensive playground and art component helps to make the mall more accessible for all visitors.

The extensive parking lots for these installations have always received special attention. Our team focuses on defining a safe route from the parking lot to the Mall’s entrance courts. We ensure that sustainable planting helps to visually mitigate the size of the parking lots and aids in wayfinding for the visitors to the Shopping Centre.

Our clients are dedicated to providing an exciting and enhanced shopping experience with a facility that becomes a regional focus and a community asset.