Toronto Zoo - Dr. Schofield Memorial Garden

Toronto, ON

This project designed by STUDIO tla and JCI Architects will be located within a new Korean complex at the Metro Toronto Zoo. The memorial garden and statue will commemorate the late Dr. Francis Schofield, known in his adopted homeland of Korea as “Tiger Grandfather”. Dr. Schofield went to Korea in 1916 as a missionary but was deported back to Canada in 1920 by Japanese officials for his open support of the Korean independence movement. Upon his return and until his death in 1970, Dr. Schofield devoted himself to teaching at Seoul National University and at bible clubs for high school students.
The garden design is a synthesis of two cultures, philosophically and creatively. The Landscape Master Plan incorporates the educational and design objectives of the Memorial Foundation along with the access, circulation and maintenance requirements of the Toronto Zoo. The Plan includes a traditional Korean gate and stone wall, an outer garden containing the Dr. Schofield statue oriented toward a traditional square pond and a complex of traditional Korean buildings surrounding a central square that can be used for events and gatherings. The garden adopts fundamental Confucian north-south alignment principles and is designed to be experienced in sequence and hierarchy.