Union Park (P-519)

Mississauga, ON

Union Park is a dynamic neighbourhood park and former brownfield site conversion. The park provides much needed recreational opportunities for the under serviced northwest neighbourhoods in Mississauga. STUDIO tla was commissioned to design a preliminary concept for presentation and review by the community. In late 2014 our concept was approved and a revised budget was made available for the development of the park. In 2015 STUDIO tla was the successful proponent of the city issued proposal request and we began work to revise our preliminary concept. With a limited budget STUDIO tla’s primary focus was to distill the creative and salient features of the original concept and create a neighborhood recreational amenity.  The park features are organized around central square from which pathways geometrically connect to the outlying streets and path networks. The axial patterning ordered the Jr. and Sr. Playground, skateboard and BMX park, and multi use sports court into quadrants. Interspersed between these quadrants are flexible green spaces and exercise stations. At the centre is an inviting and comfortable plaza encircled by American Beech trees, a shade pavilion, a curved raised planter which double as a seating, and a water spray feature.
STUDIO tla was responsible for all cut and fill calculations and grading work which allowed us to carefully audit the costs. 
From the outset STUDIO tla was motivated to employ the principles of sustainability and low impact design (LID). We strategically incorporated bio swales into our drainage and grading work to alleviate the burden on the storm sewer system. The bioswales are emphasized in our design through a robust and impactful planting palette - native grasses, perennials, and shrubs, chosen for their ability to be seasonally submerged, combine into beautiful gardens with all season interest. Also a visually engaging feature are the wild flower meadows incorporated along the face of the berms.
Union Park is now a much loved community asset and is a focus of neighbourhood recreation and interaction.