Vellore Woods Subdivision

Vaughan, ON

City of Vaughan Urban Design Award

Created on a level farm field, as part of an overall subdivision development, the storm water component of the Vellore Woods development is a remarkable and sensitive green solution which addressed the engineering challenge of channeling water from the top of the subdivision to the large storm water ponds located adjacent to Highway 400. STUDIO tla, along with a team of biologists and engineers, provided the consulting and design services required to build this environmentally sustainable drainage system.
The man-made valley corridor is over 40 metres wide and has been planned to act as an amenity for the community while simultaneously carrying storm water through the subdivision. The valley now consists of walking trails, pedestrian bridges, vernal ponds, naturalized vegetation and riparian measures to preserve the stream bed. As a result of this combination of environmental engineering, biology and naturalized planting design, the Vellore Woods Stormwater Valley Corridor is now a valuable asset and ecosystem for the residents of Vellore Woods. 

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