Student Xiaoting Stephanie Yuan surveils the partially abandoned/partially remediated Leigh Creek Mine


Studio TLA’s Samar Zarifa recently visited the Australian Outback where she advised and assisted a group of MArch students from the University of Toronto, along with professor Aziza Chaouni, as well as Professor Gini Lee from the University of Melbourne. The trip centered on ‘Re-imagining the futures of Leigh Creek’, a studio and workshop on ecotourism in arid landscapes, focusing on transforming and reviving the town of Leigh Creek and its surrounding region. Leigh Creek was originally planned as a township for the now decommissioned Leigh Creek Coal Mine and its employees. The trip included visiting the existing town and abandoned villages in the region, speaking with the visitors and residents that the team encountered, as well as visiting the Iga Warta lands and people to learn more about the indigenous culture and history of the region.

Students receive guidance from Aziza Chaouni and area specialist and Professor of Landscape Architecture, Tanya Court

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Samar Zarifa

Samar’s strong interest in project management and deliverables ensures that in addition to creating unique and thoughtful design, her work delivered on time and on budget to clients.

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