We are very proud to announce our pollinator meadow has officially been certified by the Canadian Wildlife Federation as a Wildlife-Friendly Habitat!

In order to become certified, you must provide food, water, and shelter for wildlife, practice eco-friendly maintenance (no pesticides or herbicides) and have a number of native plants planted. We certified our property to help create awareness of the potential for any garden, large or small, to be a significant contributor to the wildlife community and also to get our dot on the map! Our meadow is but a small stepping stone in the larger landscape matrix, helping local and migratory wildlife pass through and live in our cities, including species at risk like bees and butterflies.

Read more about the Canadian Wildlife Federation certification here.

For pointers on how to garden with wildlife in mind, click here.

Tamara Urben-Imbeault BENVD, MLARCH

Tamara joined TLA as a designer after completing her Bachelor of Environmental Design and Masters of Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba. Her primary area of interest is the intersection between man-made environments and regionally occurring plant communities.

Contact Tamara Urben-Imbeault at [email protected]

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